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Product Quality

Our company is a quality focused business concern, promising an impressive collection of Kids Shirts, Kids Fancy Rompers, etc. At our company, we follow all eight dimensions of quality comprising features, reliability, performance, conformance, serviceability, aesthetics, perceived quality and durability. The impressive quality that we present wins clients hearts and boosts our popularity worldwide. We comply to all social & environmental standards. 

Pattern Making

Pattern making is an art, requiring special skill sets and talent. At our company, we rely on a creative designing team to come up with the revolutionary pattern ideas. They turn beautiful pattern sketches into trendy children clothing with the help of our printing, embroidery and production team. While creating patterns, our team makes use of advanced software, which allows them to confirm the intricate perfection of all the patterns. 


Our embroidery department is dedicated to perfecting the embroidery of our Kids Fancy Rompers, Kids Shirts, etc. It is assigned with hard task requiring special skills and precision work. This department makes use of modern machines to create perfection in a speedy manner. The quality analysts working at our company check samples to assure that the embroidery is done perfectly. 


As we make use of cotton, we need to be considerate of possible future scarcity of this essential material. Cotton requires a finite landmass for its agriculture. In 2020, we are already seeing a huge scarcity of many textile resources including cotton, polyester, etc.. This is why, we have taken the initiative to recycle. We make use of recycled cotton sourced from pre consumer waste like cutting scraps, etc. Our reliable recycling process prevents unwanted wastage. Focusing on recycling, we have been working in an environmentally friendly manner. 

Our Factory Infrastructure

Our company owns a top class infrastructure, which is equipped with 130 highly efficient machines and amenities including over locks and but single needles, zigzag machines and many more. These assets of our company allow us to produce a leading clothing line for our clients. The factory is sprawling over an area of 25,000 square feet, situated at Noida, Uttar Pradesh, India. Being established in this region, our factory is well connected to the major highways and is in close proximity to major railway stations and airports. The facility is used to produce, quality test as well as store our quality range of Kids Fancy Rompers, Kids Shirts, etc. A skilled team of professionals works at this facility in compliance to industrial norms. Every day, they work hard to produce up to 3,000 pieces of clothing. The infrastructure is segregated into different functional units like:

  • Warehousing Unit: Our company has the support of a spacious warehousing facility. There, we stock up bulk quantities of cotton fabrics, produced raw materials as well as finished garments. The warehousing facility is installed with an automated system for receiving and issuance of fabric materials, and also helps us in maintaining accuracy & reduce pilferage. This allows us to maintain an adequate inventory. Best practices are implemented at this facility, and all the work is completed using best material handling equipment and software systems.
  • Cutting Unit: This unit is where all the fabric pieces are cut in specified sizes to create beguiling garments. We make use of vertical knife cutting machines and band knife, to ensure accurate cutting of fabrics in varied sizes. We are capable of cutting approximately 5,000 pieces on a daily basis. Every employee working in this unit wears protective gloves, which assures maximum safety. They complete cutting batches with speed, while maintaining accuracy. The cut fabrics are then bundled in the cutting room, and then a ticket is attached to the bundles which includes necessary dimensional and other information regarding the fabrics. 
  • Stitching Unit: This unit carries out an important task at our company. Stitching a garment is a crucial task. The expert team working in this unit makes sure that each garment is stitched to perfection. Stitching is done as per the exact demands of clients. We keep a keen eye on the entire process to identify the defect at earliest stage. After completing the stitching, we quality test the finished products. Daily, we stitch 3,500 to 4,000 units. 
  • Printing Unit: At this unit, we curate hand made prints as per the screen printing technique. The dyes as well as the prints that we use our organic and GOTS certified. Use of water based reactive printing inks are used, which are ideal for printing intricate details onto the cotton fabric. The unit is capable of printing up to 5 thousand panels or 10,000 meters every day. In this unit, we perform:
    • Table Printing
    • Digital Printing
    • Rotary Printing
  • Washing Unit: All of our fabric pieces and garments are washed at this unit. This process helps us in removing contaminants from the collection. This makes printing and other artworks easier to do. We make use of soft wash methods, relying on hydro extractor machine to remove excess water from the garments. After washing, the garments are sent to tumble dryer, to dry all the garments in an efficient manner, without hampering the softness and quality of our range. 
  • Sampling Unit: Everyday, our team of experts creates quality samples in varied specifications. The variety of sample that we develop are as follow: 
    • Salesman Samples
    • Proto Samples
    • Fit Samples
    • Size Samples
    • Pre Production Samples
  • Packing Unit: Our company owns a top class packing unit, where we pack our garment collection in a reliable manner. The products are packed in a primary or inner packaging and then a secondary or outer packaging. The primary packing is mostly a plastic bag which is then packed in carton boxes. The packaging is quality tested prior to sale in order to assure complete safety of our collection during the delivery process. The packaging of our collection also includes information necessary of the identification of our range such as hologram stickers, hangers, color stickers, size, insert card, etc. Clients can choose their preferred packaging options including: 
    • Flat Pack
    • Hanger Pack 
    • Gift Pack
    • Cardboard Packing 
  • Finishing Unit: At this unit, our team makes sure that the garments produced by our company are ready for end users. Here, we cut off all the excess threads, iron the garments, buttons and stitching is tested, etc. After all this, quality tests are conducted as per the industrial guidelines. Assuring the high quality, design accuracy and many other features of our range, we also perform a final audit. This audit helps us in deciding whether the products are ready for dispatch or not. 

Our Policies:

Here are some policies that help us in completing each business task with perfection, keeping clients, employers and stakeholders interest in mind:

  • Employee Policy: The employees of our company are the biggest assets of our enterprise. We value them highly, promise to constantly provide them a safe, healthy and positive working environment. We help them in performing their best by equipping them with best production machines and much more. We concentrate on assuring all this by continuously following our stringent employee policy. Following this policy, we comply to all the regulations of the country and showcase no discrimination on any basis. We pay all of our employees fairly. They work in our SEDEX certified facility.   
  • Training Policy (Basic & Skilled): This policy is crucial to our company. With the help of this, we make sure that our employees get the best basic skill as well as advanced training (if necessary). Each professional is trained by an expert at our facility, and the team members are educated regarding the latest standards of the sector. Our offered training allows them to hone their skills and get disciplined. 
  • Fire Safety Policy: We make sure that our facility acts as a safe working space for our precious employees. This is the reason, we comply to our fire safety policy which is implemented at our premise. Good emergency evacuation procedure is displayed in several parts of the premise. Further, we have installed varied fire safety equipment at our facility to ensure safety of our workers. 
  • Product Safety Policy: Adhering to the needle control procedure issued by the concerned regulatory body, we ensure product safety. Our company regularly keeps log for section wise issued and broken needles. We keep all the physical stocks at a secure location, together with appropriate records. Our skilled professionals conduct on site pull testing evaluation to assure maximum safety. 
  • Testing Policy: Our enterprise is committed to always offer clients with best quality textile products like Kids Fancy Rompers, Kids Shirts, etc. We quality test all the textile materials, fabrics, etc., prior to their use in the production process. This help us in maintaining high quality of our array. At all times, we comply to the international standards of quality by adhering to our testing policy. 
  • Quality Policy (R&D): Our company is only dispatching the best quality from our company. To ensure this, we conduct in depth research of the textile domain. They helps us in improving our range as per the changing textile demands of clients. We assure efficient management, quality research and development and continuous manufacturing at our company. We conduct series of strict quality checks on our range at all times.  
  • Environment Policy: Our company works in an environmentally friendly manner, while following our strict environment policy. The factory is equipped with production machines which create minimal waste. At our facility, we work in a manner which does not have an adverse impact on the environment. We follow the rules and regulations levied by the government without a single break. All the industrial waste is disposed responsibly. 
  • Policy For Intellectual Property Protection: The designs that we create are our original, and we do not use third party designs or artworks, without any legal permission at any given point.

Raw Material Sourcing

Our company sources quality raw materials from trusted vendors of textile industry. We keep the cost of procurement low, without making any compromises on the quality of our array. The raw materials are stored at our warehousing space, where they are quality tested prior to use. We transform such raw materials into quality Kids Shirts, Kids Fancy Rompers and much more. 


Merchandising includes arranging all the necessary raw material and preparing goods for sale. The merchandising department mediates marketing as well as production departments. This reliable team devotes all the planned activities to carefully execute & dispatch merchandise on time while taking the 4 Rs into consideration: 

  • Right Quantity: To dispatch the correct quantity ordered by clients
  • Right Quality: To create quality which meets all the international standards 
  • Right Cost: To price the range in a reasonable manner 
  • Right Time: To deliver in a prompt manner

Our merchandising team holds responsibility of the following:

  • Development of stylish and brand new garments with samples & execution of the same
  • Carefully provide garment costing as per the placed order
  • Punctually arranging raw materials, trims, accessories and much for the execution of order
  • Creating proper production schedules
  • Approving various samples and patterns
  • Syncing their work with the inspection agencies
  • Controlling the production of the collection 
  • Identifying bottlenecks in the process as well as material in order to resolve the same 
  • Maintaining proper records for each and every garment style, and more. 


Buttons are an essential part of many garments. They must always be attached to the garment carefully. At our company, we make use of high quality buttons that are stitched on to the fabric with a reinforced slot known as buttonhole or thread loop. We complete each buttoning process of Kids Fancy Rompers, Kids Shirts, etc., with perfection, in order to assure our range compliance to CPSIA guidelines. 

ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning Software)

We work on a single ERP system, which unifies all of the department of our company. The software trusted by our enterprise is cross functional and reliable. It makes our manufacturing, distribution, inventory management, logistics and many other process easier to perform. It also helps in syncing diverse business activities like sales, billing, production, quality management, etc., at our premise. 


We value the 3 Ms comprising man, machine and material at our company. To constantly perform our best, we upgrade our machines, assure the quality of our procured materials as well as train our workforce. The training that we provide makes our employees more capable and helps them hone their impressive skills. When they are first recruited, we give them basic training. They are offered advanced training time to time as well. They are also trained to work in safety gear. In a disciplined manner, our experienced supervisors as well as higher management keep a keen vigil of employee training. 

Recognition And Compliance

We are a proud manufacturing concern of a reliable kids wear collection including Kids Fancy Rompers, Kids Shirts, etc. Since 2005, we have been working in perfect compliance to many international standards of the textile industry. Regular, we make sure that our range of garments complies to set standards. Further, we perform in an ethical manner at all times, conforming to our business polices. We are a certified start export house, adhering to international trade polices. 

GOTS: GOTS Certified

Our company is recognized by Indian government as a start rated export house, and we work in a compliance to GOTS guidelines. We have received this certification because of our excellence in the field of organic cotton apparel manufacturing. Our customers can request a third party transaction certificate from us, and the same is issued by GOTS as a proof that our goods are manufactured for a particular order which are made as per organic standards. 


Supplier Ethical Data Exchange (SEDEX) is a non profit membership organization for business like us, who are committed to continuously improve ethical performance with each passing day. We are one of the most trusted SEDEX certified factories in India. We have earned this certification by meeting labor, health safety and many other standards. 

Fair Labor

Our company constantly adheres to the labor laws of the country. We only recruit personnel of legal age. We cross check their identification cards and other legal documentation to assure that we comply to all the standards set in labor laws of the country. We pay all of our workers fairly at all times and give them adequate breaks between their working time. No discrimination or harassment is appreciated at our company and is punished strictly. 

Corporate Social Responsibility

We are a socially responsible manufacturing concern, concentrating on giving back to the society. We work in close coordination with Karm Marg NGO, which is located nearby. It is a safe shelter, helping more than 60 kids of all age groups. The kids are provided with all the basic necessities. They are also provided necessary educations so that they can have a bright future. This NGO also supports women living in adjacent areas. We volunteer for the advancement of the children and help them in making toys reusing the fabrics that are sold by them under the name of the sister concern of the NGO, Jugaad. We also focus on proper waste water management.

Recycling Of Industrial Waste

Daily, our enterprise works hard to pay respect to the community, environment and people. We are strictly committed to the environmental obligations, regulations and standards applicable to our industry. All of our operations are performed in an eco friendly manner at our factory. Systematically, we dispose our industrial waste in a standardized manner and reuse waste. Our company is tied up with several government agencies, and with their support, we dispose used tube lights, machine oil and a variety of industrial waste in a responsible manner. We make use of generators with regeneration features, which help us in reducing our emission of carbon gases. While washing and dyeing process, we make zero waste of water. We reuse same water after effluent treatment in our processes. We have also started producing cotton masks for the community in order to safeguard their health while caring for environment. 

Why Organic? 

  • We are extremely environmentally friendly 
  • We care for clients, employees and nature equally 
  • We are certified by GOTS for our quality organic clothing  like Kids Fancy Rompers, Kids Shirts, etc.
  • We trade with clients in an ethical manner
  • We comply to fair trade laws of the industry
  • We have the approval of SEDEX
  • We constantly bring forth skin friendly apparels 

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